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Central Florida Care Group, Inc

Residential Homes ("CFCGRH")

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

Who Are We

("CFCGRH") is the Community Residential Department of Central Florida Care Group Inc, which provide homes for seniors, children with developmental disabilities. CFCGRH intent is to operate group homes in Polk County. Providing the highest quality of life for each individual Health, Safety and Well-being by encouraging, training and promoting independent living in a residential home environment, and also enabling each individual to experience living independently as a member of peaceful communities.

Our homes promote independent living through personal choice in decision making that influences and enhances each individual life on a daily basis. Also social supports are encouraged through families and friends in the community. 

Our Program & Services

Provided in a home environment currently up to three people. Our small group size is designed to increase the ability to live more independently. Our Individualized community involvement and structured activities that encourage independence are offered as well as an emphasis on safety and optimal health care. 

An Idea is Born

Leading our residents to a life of Independence is encouraged through our program training and exposure to new and unique experiences individuals will achieve their personal goals, preferences and autonomy.

Central Florida Care Group, Inc.

Residential Homes "CFCGH"

-Polk County-

If you have a loved one with a disability and are interested in having them living in our homes, please call their Support Coordinator at the APD - Agency for Persons with Disabilities and tell them you are interested in a program operated by Central Florida Care Group, Inc.